As same as by the employees, the policy of Welldone is addressed to produce the projects with their own equipment as much as possible. Especially the availability of specific welding- and fit equipment increases the flexibility and reliability to do projects fast, qualitative, safe and efficient.

At this moment Welldone in Broek op Langedijk has a terrain of 1250 m2, on which a fully installed workspace is situated as big as 500 m2. In this workspace there are several welding positions, and machines for example rolling/snapping and set activities till 2500 mm. wide and 10 mm. thick. Tumble and grinder activities are also one of the possibilities.

  • Tumble capacity: 540 mm and 2000 mm. between the centers
  • CNC sawing activities is done by a fully CNC controlling band saw machine with a capacity of 350 mm round
  • Punch activities: capacity of 33 mm. x 18 mm.
  • Welding activities: till 600A