Welcome at welding company Welldone BV

Welldone is a company by which a daily development takes place on a diversity of activities on behalf of the oil-, gas- and process industry.

By the establishment in 1991 welding activities on constructions and pipes were at a central place. From this on there has been a development of varied specialty’s which all have lead to today’s services. Remarkable is the growing part of activities to be of service the process industry and Nucleair world.

The Welldone office is situated in Broek op Langedijk (Industrial zone Zuiderdel) together with her prefab-workplace.

Who is Welldone BV?

With quality staff, we ensure that our projects are completed professionally and on time
Better be good and durable, than quickly and cheaply.
We give you a quality guarantee on the work done by us.
Because we have available and within easy reach a wide range of staff we can (almost) always meet your needs.

Our specialties

Turning and Milling 90
Welding and Cutting 95
Cutting and drilling 85
Design, calculation, drawing 75