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Welldone is aiming at a policy of projects which are produced by their own employees as much as possible.
The total number of employees is depending on the number of work available at that moment and varies from circa 9 in the winter season till circa 20 in high season.

These fluctuations can be taken care of because Welldone is organized in the metal branch. Because of the received experience there is an excellent understanding about available employees on the labour market and their specific qualities.
All employees who are contracted by Welldone in the high season according to contract have mostly been working by Welldone for several consecutive years.

Because of the vast centre of professionals and specialists, Welldone has control over much experienced employees, which increases the flexibility to go along with climaxes.

If wished for, curriculum vitae from management as well as executive employees are available.

Jack Schoonenberg
Jack SchoonenbergDirector - Owner

I started as a freelancer in 1991 and hired myself as a pipe fitter-welder. 1st big job was at the Navy Yard in Den Helder where a Thermal Power Station was built. The large piping from 3 “t / m 12” was manufactured by Well Done (Jack) and mounted. Soon there were extra people … after 3 months I needed  2 man for this 14-month project. This was a great base for further growth!.
Within about 15 months, the 1st workplace at Schagerbrug was a fact! After being established in Schagerbrug for about 1.5 years, I bought a piece of land in the beautiful Broek op Langedijk, and there is our great workplace now.

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Our fantastic team at Welldone BV

Jeremy Schoonenberg
Jeremy SchoonenbergCertified Welder
Hi, my name is Jeremy Schoonenberg. I started working at Welldone in 2008. At the moment I am a welder.
Mark van der Putten
Mark van der PuttenForeman - Welder - Fitter
Mark van Putten is a great welder and a high quality fitter. At Welldone Mark also works as foreman during some projects.
Folkert Dijkstra
Folkert DijkstraAluminium en RVS laswerkzaamheden
Folkert is a person who’s working interim for our company. He works here for 5 years now.

Carina Schoonenberg
Carina SchoonenbergAdministration
My name is Carina Schoonenberg. Within Welldone BV I am responsible for all administration and employment related work.
Roel Meijer
Roel MeijerPlanning Engineer - Structural
Roel is responsible for a perfect planning. He also works as a structural at Welldone BV.
Mike Schoonenberg
Mike SchoonenbergAspiring welder - Fitter
My name is Mike Schoonenberg and I am employed as an apprentice welder-fitter. I’m still busy with school and study, so one day a week I visit the Horizon College in Heerhugowaard.
Daniel Konijn
Daniel KonijnWelder - Fitter
My name is Daniel Conijn, and I am working at Welldone for over 15 years now as a pipe fitter – Welder. The last few years I also have been working regularly at Cargill as a maintenance mechanic.
Fred Kruidenberg
Fred KruidenbergWelder - Fitter
My name is Fred Kruidenberg and I am working at Well Done as a pipe-fitter Welder for over 17 years now. I also work as a mechanical engineer at Cargill.